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Its Party Time!!!

Our lovely friends at Cake Bag have been sending using our Party Sprinkletti to make this wonderful Chocolate Bark!  

Its so easy to make and looks so effective!  Click the image below to see the full blog post at



Party Sprinkletti is part of our Sprinkletti range, created right here at Scrumptious HQ!  Look out for more Sprinkletti in future Cake Bags!  



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Unicorn Sprinkletti

The world has gone mad for Unicorns!  And, out of all of our non-seasonal Sprinkletti, Unicorn is definately our best seller!  The lovely Rachel at Cake Bag recently included a bag in her January Cake Bag and had some fantastic ideas on how to use it on her Blog.  

Why not click here to take a look and be insprired!!  



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Mother's Day Glitter Decorations

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This is a brilliant tutorial from Rainbow Dust, on how to make really effective decorations for cupcakes.  These would be perfect for an extra special Mother's Day treat!

Easy glitter decorations

Products & Equipment
  • Roll out the flowerpaste thinly on non stick board and cut out your desired shapes eg (flower, stars, hearts etc)
  • Leave to dry overnight to dry.
  • Brush shapes with edible glue.
  • Sprinkle with glitter, and leave to dry.
  • Place on top of the cupcake.
For great results
  • To achieve a nice clean edge to your flowers and shapes, when cutting them out, make sure once you have rolled your flowerpaste thinly, lift up and put a fine coating of cornflour on your board and place your flowerpaste on top.
  • Cut your shape out of the flowerpaste with a scrubbing motion, (press down on the flowerpaste and move the cutter gently side to side). The cornflour will allow the flowerpaste to move freely, ensuring a clean and neat edge to your shapes.
  • To acquire a nice even layer of glitter, apply a small amount of glue with a paint brush in a thin layer, do not overload. The glitter will then adhere evenly.


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Cake and Bake Show London

Cake and Bake Show London 2015

On 1st October we loaded up our hired Luton van and set off at 9 am on the 4 hour trip to London Excel to set up for the first retail show of the season!  We spent a lot of time loading, making sure that our set up was quick and easy, and we could recover from our preparation with a well deserved beer nice and early!  

Oh if only!  5 hours later, we arrived at Excel!  Not a good start!  The set up took us at least twise as long as we expected and we finally left Excel and headed for our hotel when they closed up at 8pm!  We weren't quite finished, but quite pleased with how it looked!  


So off to the hotel!  I won't go into the details, but safe to say, following the theme of the day, it didnt go to plan.  After an hour, we ended up in a different hotel to the one booked.  Totally shattered, we managed a quick bite and beer in the bar, and off to bed!

We managed a quick tour of the halls before the show started.  We were pleasently surprised.  The change of venue from Earls Court to Excel had troubled us.  Would people still come?  Would the advertising be sufficient? Would the impersonal nature of a big venue like Excel match the quirky nature of Earls Court?  We had no need to worry.  The organisers had done a great job at transforming the halls into a great venue!  There were quite a lot of changes in terms of exhibitors.  A lot of old favourites weren't there, but there were a lot of new faces and products to replace them.  Overall we were relieved.  All we needed now were people!  

This also didn't go to plan!  At 11 am the exhibitors were getting a little concerned.  It was very quiet!  We found out later that there had been a power cut which had affected all of the trains!  Once this had been resolved, the visitors started coming and normal show business resumed!  Thank goodness!  Participating in a show such as this is a big investment and its such a relief when there are lots of people! 

We were trialling a lot of new products this year, some which have not even been tried in our shop yet! They certainly will be now!  We sold out of stand stock of some items on the Friday but luckily had more in the van!  Our new glimmer shapes were a big hit, as were some of our new design cake tins.  The muffin tulips and mini muffin cases were also popular and visitors seemed to love our mix and match offers!    Overall, despite the problems we had getting there and setting up, the show was brilliant.  We are looking forward to next year!

So, we are now planning for our next show, which is Cake International at the NEC on 6th to 8th November.  We are currently designing the stand layout and deciding which products to take!  Let us know if there is anything you want us to bring!  And most importantly come and see us on Stand B34!


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Make it a gift!



sz-pi_sm-crinkle-cut-pink-10kgWe are all looking for something different to give as a present and whilst ready made gifts are convenient, it really is the thought that counts!

So why not make your own?  We have just added a lovely range of gift bags and gift tins to our shop, which are perfect for turning your purchase into a gift!

Why not choose a selection of sprinkle pots,  cupcake cases,  cutters or fun toppers to fill a jute bag to create a gift with a personal touch!  We also sell small bags of lovely pink SizzlePak to give your gift that professional finish.  

We are happy to help you with your selection, so if you need advice simply get in touch!

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Are Zebra Twists vegetarian?

1232-webI have to confess I am not a vegetarian and as such, was extremely surprised to be asked this question! My first instinct, was "yes, of course, why wouldn't they be?"  

Speaking to our customer, I discovered that some chocolate does in fact have rennin and even geletin in it.  Whats more, I was told that this is often included in the milk powder and isn't necessarily listed as a seperate ingredient!  So, a little alarmed by this, I referred back to the manufacturers specification for this product.  I am very happy to say that our Zebra Twists are certified as Vegetarian by our manufacturer!  Not only that, but they are also suitable for a Halal and Kosher Diet!


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Storage Tins

When we exhibit at retail shows such as Cake and Bake, Cake International and the BBC Good Food Show, our cake storage tins are always extremely popular.  We have just taken delivery of the stock for our first show of 2015 which is Cake and Bake London, at Excel on 2nd to 4th October.  Not only have we got some of previous years favourite, but we have also added some of Cooksmarts new lines to our offering.  And by popular request, we will also have square tins available as well. 

The Cooksmart range offers co-ordinating products, such as recipe tins and cake stands, all at fantastic prices and make the perfect gift

.Beside_the_Sea_3_tins  maison_3_tinsMaison_Recipe_inside

Whats even more exciting is that we also have a new range to offer.  The Katie Alice range from Creative Tops offer some beautiful tins, and high quality wooden recipe boxes which are just beautiful!  We particularly like the Yuletide Sleighride range which is just perfect for Christmas!

Yuletide_Recipe_Box  Yuletide_tins

And even more importantly, these are all now available to buy online


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Have you got any Eyes?????



We have been asked for eyes on numerous occasions and we have finally found some which we think suit most requirements.  Packed in pots of 126 for just £3.95, they form part of our new range of Cupcake Toppers

Currently the rest of the range concentrates on Halloween and Christmas toppers, but if popular, we will be looking to extend this over the coming weeks.



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