Distributer Information

Distributer Information


Exciting Opportunity!

We are now looking for partners to work outside of the UK to help widen the availability of Scrumptious products.

Scrumptious products are perfect for Food Halls, Deli's, supermarkets, Cake decorating shops, Bakeries and on-line stores


Key Points

  • All of our products are packed in shelf ready boxes of 6.  As a distributer you would buy these in multiples of 5 of a single variety.

  • Shelf life would be a minimum of 6 months, usually 9, and often over 12 months. 

  • Minimum order quantity is one full pallet of Goods.  We would expect you to be able to order a pallet of goods every 4-6 weeks.  Obviously we would be flexible on this initially

  • We have 2 different pricing bands, one based on a mixed pallet, and the second is for a full pallet of a single product.  Full pallet prices will vary depending on the product, and can be provided on request.

  • Whilst we recommend RRPs, you have the flexibility to set these according to your local market

  • Merchandising stands are available for our products

  • We will notify you of new products which may be of interest, and which are selling well elsewhere.  We will also offer you seasonal ranges throughout the year as well.

  • We also have a fantastic range of Scrumptious Cupcake Cases to complement our edible products.  Whilst these are available in single colours, what makes them so popular is that we also do mixes of 2 or 3 different colours in a single pot.  They are very popular and also made in the UK.  We also have our own unique designs

  • We have an extremely popular range of decorate! Edible Glitters and decorate! Extracts.  Once again, these are very popular over here, and 10 varieties fit perfectly in the top tier of our 2 tier CDUs.

  • As a Distributer, we will provide your details on our website.  Within this section, we will create a page for your country, in your language, signposting customers to your own website and providing your details so that they can contact you directly.  If we receive contact directly from a customer in your country, we will direct them to you. 

  • We will work with you to provide ingredients labelling in your language.

  • We can provide product images for brochures and websites.

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please get in touch providing as much information about your company as possible using the details below. 

Niki Thompson

International Sales

+44 1584 875988